We love to build and transform
brands in ways that connect people
and businesses, driving results.

We are a design studio specialising in


Print Communications


Artwork & style guides

Our ethos

We want to work in partnership with our clients, providing them with hard working and engaging design work. We believe that every project should be tailored, and we strive for sophisticated and impeccable execution.

Our work

Only by getting a knowledge of your industry, competitors and target audience, we can build your digital presence over solid ground.The core of our approach is to get an intimate understanding of your uniqueness.

Our team

We draw on a network of creative individuals with a variety of interests and expertise. We believe best results come from sharing talents, which is why we are always looking to connect with people who have passion, creativity and attention to detail.

Heffers design is led by designer and Creative Director Edward Heffer. Backed by years of experience building brands and campaigns for businesses large and small, Ed is responsible for the creative and strategic direction of the company.

“Creativity inspires creativity. Hearing the first spark of an idea, through its development and growth, to showing it to the world and seeing it work is truly inspirational.”

Edward heffer | Creative Director